Once I became a father my street portrait photography received quite a blow. While shooting film forces you to slow down, I used to shoot more in the past, at least during the summer months, but the recent holiday period saw me shooting no more than 3 rolls of BW film (Tri-X) and just 2 color ones (Portra 400 and Provia 100F). Luckily for me I took some quite beautiful pictures (at least for my taste) and, more importantly, had the chance to experiment and get more familiar with the all-time-favorite Kodak Tri-X emulsion.

I was in Capo d’Orlando and did not take a single picture for days as I did not find any interesting character…and then I saw Bianca, or I should say I saw her incredibly beautiful blue eyes. I tried my luck, stopped her without even thinking, and asked for one minute of her time (just enough to snap three shots).

Technical info: Hasselblad 500CM > Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 4/150 CF + 8mm extension tube > Tri-X at iso 640 > Ilford DD-X 1:4


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