(re)shooting Palermo

While I cannot really say that with the years I managed to dramatically improve my photographic skills, I can safely claim that I am more and more careful on the way my scans come out. This post has been already posted in 2013 but I would love to repost it (and slightly enrich it), while posting the new scans that I obtained from my trustworthy Epson V750 scanner.

These are the pictures I took back then while strolling down my beloved Palermo, more precisely along the old Capo market. I quite often go there as it is such an endless source of inspiration, and during that summer it was no exception. Here follows a short description of each shot


  • Luciano, the man who reminds me of Client Eastwood and that I already met in 2012
  • a man with a cigarette, most probably not entirely sane, who could be a perfect model for Mapplethorpe’s shoots with his hanging belt
  • a sitting man smoking a sigarette (he stood there for hours)
  • Paolo, a gentle little man selling capers and the delicious “bottarga”
  • a swordfish seller
  • a man staring at me like he wanted to beat me
  • little boys playing soccer inside an old building…the funny thing is that they one on the far left just lost the game and didn’t want to have his photo taken….at that point I said to the others “too bad for him, I will take just the four of you” and immediately he changed his mind; the bigger one (on the center), sell oranges with his father
  • a swordfish portrait
  • two men shaking hands
  • “bufalo dick”…that’s what the label says….too funny
  • mr Paolino, he’s been selling fruit for all his life

Technical info: Hasselblad 500CM > Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 4/150 CF + Planar T* 2.8/80 CF > Kodak Portra 400@320


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